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Document Management for Office 365

MetaShare® is an app for document management in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. MetaShare simplifies document management in Office 365 and increases the operational efficiency for the organization.


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Everyday challenges

  • Employees spend too much time searching or recreating documents that already exist.
  • In folder structures duplicates of documents tend to exist, this increases the risk of mistakes.
  • Documents in a folder structure are often difficult to find.

With MetaShare you will…

  • reduce time by making it easy to find any documents in Office 365, with the help of metadata.
  • increase the reliability of documents by eliminating document duplicates.
  • increase the users’ efficiency, using MetaShare’s smart document functions.

The benefits with MetaShare

  • You will save time and money when implementing and managing document management in Office 365.
  • It will help you when your company grows by managing crucial information.
  • You will reduce the cost of implementation compared to Office 365 / standard SharePoint.
  • You will reduce risks for your organization by gaining control over document structures and end-user permissions/access.

What does MetaShare do?

  • Replaces folder structures in your Office 365 with metadata structures.
  • Automates and creates a homogeneous metadata structure with clear logic in your Office 365 tenant.
  • Assists users to auto-tag documents.

It's for organizing documents easier

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Why add MetaShare® on top of your Office 365 suite?

MetaShare will save time and simplify the work with documents for the user.


Clever Structure

Our user-friendly and filter-based navigation is a new, multidimensional way to find your document. Documents in MetaShare use metadata, which eliminate the old way of searching through folders.

This is what

Improve Collaboration

Are you frustrated when wasting time in searching for documents on your file server? MetaShare's Workspaces will make your document collaboration more efficient and restrict documents only to assigned users.

This is how

Move your File Server

The easy way for you to move your documents in a controlled manner and start working with documents in office 365.

This is how

Metashare is user-friendly

When launching this in your organization, it will minimize the need for internal training and support. New employees will integrate into the company much faster.

Learn how

The story behind

Meet the founders - the visionary and the inventor – and read the story how MetaShare was born.

This is how

Be compliant with regulations

Increase information security, documents confidentiality and reassurance that you are always keeping up with compliance and regulations such as ISO standards and GDPR.

Why it's important


Don't take our word for it

What do our clients say about MetaShare?

Read a success story

"Our 200 employees’ work day has now been simplified and made more efficient."

Olle Kinnman

Partner, Deloitte

"With this solution we link all our people together and contribute to spreading knowledge at the same time as we are able to keep our corporate culture and our guidelines together."

Mats Rehnqvist

CIO, Anticimex

"MetaShare is a modern and easy-to-use document management system which enhances SharePoint Online features and help users to ease their daily work."

Thorlakur Thorgeirsson

Cloud ISV Manager, ALSO


The team behind MetaShare

Meet some of the key persons within the MetaShare developing team.

metashare-team-linn.jpgLinn Bergström

GUI Developer

"Ignorance killed the cat, curiosity was framed."

metashare-team-marta.jpgMarta Szaniawska

System Developer

"A good programmer looks both ways before crossing a one-way street."

metashare-team-gabriel.jpgGabriel Smoljár

Lead Developer

"I’d rather solve problems than implement solutions."

metashare-team-kristofer.jpgKristofer Scheiderbauer

Senior UX Designer

"Perfection is finally attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

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Watch our video clip to get an introduction to MetaShare.

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