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MetaShare Upcoming Releases

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Upcoming releases

Beneath you find a list of some of the planned upcoming MetaShare releases and what features they will consist of.

Next release

These are the features that we are planning to release in the next release:

  1. Increase spacing between document columns:
    • To make it easier to see all metadata in a workspace's document view, when working on devices with a high screen resolution, we will be widening the maximum column width of certain columns.
  2. Search box enhancements:
    • We will be widening the search box, on devices with high resolutions.
    • In the previous MetaShare release we cleared any added search-phrase in the search-box when you clear all filters. We will soon also clear this search-phrase if a user reloads a workspace or if a user selects any other filter.
  3. Support for deprecated terms:
    • A term that is marked as a deprecated term will not be shown as a filterable option in the document filters. Deprecated terms will also not be able to be able to be tagged on new documents. Old documents, that earlier were tagged with a term before it became deprecated, will however still be able to keep the deprecated term.
  4. Search-based workspace metadata:
    • Any applied custom workspace metadata is currently being stored in MetaShare's database. In order to search reliably on more than 500 workspaces, we will be storing this workspace metadata in the actual workspaces instead. With this change, the search function in MetaShare's start page will behave exactly the same way as in the workspaces, e.g. making it possible to use Boolean and relationship operators when searching for workspaces.

Future releases

After having delivered the above mentioned new features, we will focus on delivering the features listed below. They are listed in the current priority order but this might change, based on customer feedback.

  1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enhancement to document creation:
    • Right now, when creating a document, from a document template, you will have to wait till the document is displayed in the top of the document list, before opening it up. To make it quicker to open created documents, the documents' links will be shown in the document creation form.
  2. Show a tag’s parent in the document property form:
    • If a managed metadata tag is a child of another tag (the tags are organized in a hierarchical structure), we will show the tag's parent in the in the document property form. We do this to be able to differentiate terms, if they have the same name but are located under different parents.
  3. Possibility to add a custom link, under the "Help" icon:
    • As many MetaShare users create their own customized help-pages that relate to their own business rules, we have been asked to provide the possibility to add a custom link that will be shown under the standard "Online Help" link:

  4. Be able to easier share documents externally:
    • If a workspace is configured for external sharing, we will show a "Share" function in MetaShare's toolbar, making it easier to share documents externally without having to send them as attachments in e-mails.
  5. Improved help-texts in MetaShare settings:
    • From the MetaShare settings pages, we will be adding links to specific help-pages in the "Admin manual".
  6. Present MetaShare as an app, when creating a new tab in a Microsoft Teams' Channel:
    • You can add MetaShare as a tab in a Teams' channel by following these steps. Within soon, instead of having to select a generic "Website" app when adding a MetaShare tab, you will be able to find a "MetaShare" app, among the list of apps:

  7. Be able to manage link-files:
    • Currently MetaShare does not manage link-files in a good way (if you click on a .lnk- or a url-file, it will download the file to your computer's download folder). We will change this so that it actually opens the link, also making it possible to add links to documents that reside in other workspaces.
  8. Enhancements to the cut and paste functions:
    • Currently when cutting and pasting documents between different workspaces, we show the batch edit form. This will still apply but only if more than one file is moved. When moving a single document we will be showing the document's property form, making it easier to see what metadata values the document has before pasting it.
  9. Sticky filters in the document view:
    • If you scroll down on a document- or a workspace list, the table headers are sticky but soon the applied document filters will also be sticky, so it will make it easier to know which columns you have applied filters on.
  10. Improve performance when logging in to MetaShare:
    • Currently when logging into MetaShare, MetaShare's cube rotates over the whole screen till MetaShare's start page is ready to be shown. We will be shortening down this process so that MetaShare's top bar and tool bar will be shown and once the content is ready to be presented, it will be shown on the page. This also allows users to quicker access functions on the top bar, like sign out.
  11. Be able to set business rules for date fields:
    • In order to be able to get notifications for documents that, for example, have an review-date, we will apply a configuration where you can specify which date fields you want to apply business rules on and then also define the business rules for these date-fields.
    • We will also make the date filters more useful, making it possible to define which values to be able to filter on, not just the current ones:

  12. Enable large file uploads:
    • Currently the file-upload size limit, using MetaShare's user interface, is 250 MB/file. We will try to increase this so that it will have the same restriction as in standard SharePoint (15 GB). Meanwhile users need to use this work-around to upload large files.
  13. Add a "My documents" filter:
    • We will make it possible to add a document filter for people columns. It will have your name under it, so that you quickly can find "your" documents, but also make it possible to select another user: