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MetaShare FAQ

For more information about how to use MetaShare, visit our User Manual.

If you would like to get in touch with the MetaShare team, you may contact us here.

Get started with MetaShare

What does it cost to use MetaShare?

Visit our updated Pricing section to get the latest information, or contact one of our Resellers to get your price.

How to activate MetaShare
Video tutorial: How to activate MetaShare. Follow these simple steps to activate MetaShare.
Do I need an Office 365 account to use MetaShare?
Yes. See System requirements for further details.
How do I configure MetaShare
This comprehensive user guide may help you on how to configure and administrate MetaShare.
What accounts and permissions are required for activation, configuration, and administration of MetaShare?
The full answer is found here.

Use MetaShare

How do I create a new workspace?

Visit our User Manual to find out how to create a workspace.

Why is the newly created workspace not visible?

It may take up to an hour until the workspace is visible on the start page. You will recieve an email with a link to the workspace. This link will work even if the workspace is not yet visible on the start page.

Why am I denied access to a specific workspace?

Only users with access rights to a workspace, can access the specific workspace. Contact the Workspace Owner who can grant you access to the workspace.

Where can I check the access rights to the workspace?

Click on the Group symbol, second button to the left in top navigation.

Choose Readers, Members or Owners depending on which access rights you would like to check.

Access rights per group will be presented in SharePoint.

How to use filters and search

In Swedish

Tutorial video on how to filter and search in MetaShare (5:07) https://youtu.be/gDFTCf0yjcM

How to use document templates
  1. Add a new document template
    • Upload a new document to the library and give it a meaningful name.
    • The new document template now needs to be assigned to one or several document types in the document types maintenance list.
  2. Update an existing document template
    • One of these methods:
      • Upload an updated document to the library (see to it that it has exactly the same file-name as the template you want to replace).
      • Open the document template from the document library, edit it and save it.
    • The updated template will be available directly, without any delay or further actions
  3. Remove a document template
    • Mark a document template and deleted it
    • The cached document types to use now need to be updated by updating the effected workspace categories
Can everyone see my documents?

All users with access to read or modify documents in the workspace, can see your documents. To limit the access to documents, you need to limit the access rights to the specific workspace.

Administrate MetaShare

Is it possible to add corporate branding to MetaShare?

No, there is currently no possibility to add your corporate branding to MetaShare.

MetaShare is supposed to logically blend with Office 365, to make sure the user recognise itself regardless of where he or she works in Office 365 suite.

Where is MetaShare located?

MetaShare is run in Azure, separately from SharePoint. MetaShare do not do any kind of modification of SharePoint. MetaShare only presents data from SharePoint in a user-friendly GUI. If you choose to uninstall MetaShare - all documents, metadata and access rights remain in SharePoint.

Can I get help with automated naming?

Example: First document get document name "CERT-17-0001". The next document will be "CERT-17-0002" etc. We want to make it easier for our employees to follow the ISO 9001 document control.

We have not yet seen the need to automatically rename documents, when creating them from MetaShare or when uploading them to MetaShare.

Our customers see the benefit of being able to read the document name to see what content it actually has, e.g. “MetaShare activation instructions” rather than reading a document name such as “CERT-17-0001”. 

This way the document could also be sent as an attachment to a client and the document’s name would still have a meaningful description.

What however can be done, is to mark a document with a unique number, such as “CERT-17-0001”.

This is easily done by applying something called a unique document ID that can consist of a prefix, such as “CERT-17-“ followed by a number sequence. This number could then be added as a column in the document view and also presented as a quick part in a document’s page header/footer.

Where is content in MetaShare stored?

The files in MetaShare are not stored in MetaShare, they are stored in SharePoint - being part of Office 365. The Administrator of Office 365 decides where the files are stored geographically.

When buying and activating Office 365, it will automatically suggest the nearest Microsoft data center. When ordering Office 365, it is important to choose storage within EU. This can later be changed if you are the Administrator.

Can I uninstall MetaShare?
Yes, you can uninstall MetaShare at any time. If you choose to uninstall MetaShare - all documents, metadata and access rights remain in SharePoint.
Where do I turn to get more help with MetaShare?

Do you have further questions or need help to understand how to use MetaShare in the best possible way?

Please visit our website to get in touch with us or to provide feedback on MetaShare.