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MetaShare Help - Admin Manual

    How to delete a MetaShare workspace

    In order to delete a MetaShare workspace you must have these permissions:

    1. Be a SharePoint administrator.
    2. Have "Manage Site" permissions on the workspace (site collection). This is usually only given to the Site Collection administrators.

    Follow these instructions if you have these permissions and want to delete a workspace:

    1. On MetaShare's start page, select the workspace that you want to delete and click on the "Delete" function in the horizontal toolbar.

    2. Click the "Ok" button to confirm the deletion.
    3. The workspace, and it's corresponding site in SharePoint, is now deleted and not any more shown among the workspaces in the workspace list. A deleted workspace/site is however not permanently deleted, just moved to the recycle bin, where it will be available for 93 days and can therefore later be restored, if needed.