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MetaShare Help - Admin Manual

    Term store definitions

    On this page we explain the definition of the three highlighted boxes in the image below.

    1 Term set group

    • A term set group contains one or several term sets.
    • Permissions can be set on a term set group (define which users that should be able to edit its term sets and terms).
    • Term set groups can be Created or Deleted. If deleted, all term sets under them will also be deleted.

    2 Term set

    • A term set contains terms that can be hierarchically structured.
    • A term set can be open (allow normal users to add terms to it) or closed (terms can just be managed by term store administrators).
    • Term sets can be created, renamed, imported (requires a term set import file), deleted, moved to another term set group or copied, see this page for further instructions.

    3 Term

    • A term can be available for tagging or just used as a grouping of terms.
    • Terms can be created, renamed (when a term is renamed, the change is not propagated till a timer job propagates these changes to all workspaces), moved, merged, deleted, sorted or reused/pinned, see this page for further instructions.