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MetaShare Help - FAQ

    Can a workspace's document library have folders?

    MetaShare will present all documents in a document library, regardless if they reside in the document library's root folder or if they are located in sub folders.

    If a document library has folders and the workspace's workspace configuration is defined to show "Folder" as a document filter, the users will be able to filter on the document folders as if they were any ordinary document metadata tags. Document folders will look like this, in this case after having drilled down to a specific folder and filtered on Word documents:

    Documents can however currently not be added, created or moved to a folder, using any of the document functions in MetaShare. We have however prioritized this function and it will be released in the upcoming MetaShare release. Till this functionality is in place, you will have to move documents between folders using the regular SharePoint interface or by opening the workspace in File Explorer.