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MetaShare Help - FAQ

    How do I change the name of one of the document filters/columns?

    If you want to change the display name of one of the columns  that you use within MetaShare, do the following:

    1. Open the content type that is used in the workspace.
    2. In the new window that open up, click on the column that you want to rename, in this case "Project phase":
    3. Click on the link "Edit site column":
    4. Change the name of the column in the "Column name" field and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "OK" button:
    5. Click on the "OK" button on this page:
    6. Republish the changed content type by clicking on the "Manage publishing for this content type" link:
    7. By default the "Republish" option is selected. You now just have to click on the "OK" button:
    8. Normally it only takes an hour or two for your changes to be reflected in all workspaces, but sometimes it can take up to a day, see more information about republishing content types here.