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MetaShare Help - FAQ

    How do I edit Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop documents in MetaShare?

    Currently Office 365/SharePoint online does not support opening Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop documents directly in the client applications (Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop). Instead they are opened in the web browser and displayed in SharePoint's web viewer. From there, there is however no way to edit the documents.

    There are different methods to edit an Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop document in MetaShare and save the changes back to MetaShare. Method 1 does not require access to your documents from the File Explorer, method 2 does.

    Method 1 - Download the document, open it in the client application and upload a new version

    The good thing with this method it that the procedure is simple but the drawback is that it requires a few steps:

    1. Download the document.
    2. Open the downloaded document in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.
    3. Edit the document and save your changes.
    4. Upload the edited document to the same workspace from where you downloaded the document. A recommendation is to filter on all the metadata values that the document was tagged with, by clicking on all its metadata values in the document view. This way you do not need to fill in the document form again. As the document already exists in the workspace you need to click on the "Add version" button, when being prompted that there is a file-name conflict:
    5. In MetaShare you will now see that the document's version has been incremented with one version.

    Method 2 - Open the document from File Explorer, edit it and save it

    This method requires access to your documents from the File Explorer.

    The recommended file access is through OneDrive, as the documents' version history will then be intact. If you access the documents through a network location or a mapped drive, the documents' previous version history will be lost (when saving an edited document, the earlier version will first be moved to the recycle bin and the newly saved document will therefore not have any metadata).

    1. Open the document from your File Explorer or open your Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop application and click on "Open" on the left side of the application, which will open the File Explorer.
      In Adobe Illustrator:

      In Adobe Photoshop:
    2. Edit the document and save your changes.
    3. If you accessed the document through OneDrive, the document's version has been incremented with one version. If you accessed the document through a mapped drive or a network location, the document's version history will be lost.