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MetaShare Help - FAQ

    What are the file restrictions in SharePoint?

    The following are the currently known file and folder restrictions for SharePoint Online that need to be taken into consideration to:

    1. There are no blocked file-types/file-extensions.
    2. The document's name can have up to 256 characters.
    3. The entire path to a document, including the file name, must contain fewer than 400 characters.
    4. A document can have maximum 511 minor versions. Thereafter it needs to be published to a major version. A document can however have 50 000 major versions, so this limit is quite difficult to exceed.
    5. Recommended maximum number of concurrent editors per document is 10 (coauthoring in Word, PowerPoint and Excel for .docx, .pptx, .ppsx and .xlsx files). The boundary is however 99 and when this number is exceeded, each successive user sees a "File in use" error, and can only open a read-only copy. Having more than 10 co-editors will lead to a gradually degraded user experience with more conflicts, and users might have to go through more iterations to successfully upload their changes to the server.
    6. Upload size limit per document: 15 GB but in December 2019 it will be increased to 100 GB. Using MetaShare's interface, we currently have a limit of 250 MB, so use standard SharePoint to upload larger documents than 250 MB.
    7. Upload size limit per site collection (workspace): 25 TB.
    8. Upload size limit per document library (workspace): 30 million files and folders.
    9. Invalid file and folder names and file types in SharePoint:
      • Invalid characters in files and folders (they are neither permitted in File Explorer):
        • " (quotation mark)
        • * (asterisk)
        • : (colon)
        • < (less than Symbol)
        • > (greater than Symbol)
        • ? (question Mark)
        • / (slash)
        • \ (backslash)
        • | (pipe)
      • Invalid names on files and folders (they are neither permitted in File Explorer):
        • .lock
        • CON
        • PRN
        • AUX
        • NUL
        • COM0 - COM9
        • LPT0 - LPT9
      • This text-string cannot appear anywhere inside file- and folder names:
        • _vti_

    For further details about SharePoint Online's limits, read this article and for further details about restrictions regarding invalid file names and file types, read this article.