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MetaShare Help - FAQ

    What are the file restrictions in SharePoint?

    The following are the currently known file and folder restrictions for SharePoint Online that need to be taken into consideration to:

    1. File-types/file-extensions:
      1. Blocked extensions: None
      2. Document preview (files are opened in SharePoint's web viewer): 320+
    2. Maximum document name length:
      1. Document's name: 256 characters
      2. Document's path: 400 characters
    3. Maximum number of versions:
      1. Minor versions: 511 (thereafter a document needs to be published to a major version)
      2. Major versions: 50 000
    4. Concurrent editors per document:
      1. Recommended maximum number of concurrent editors per document: 10 (when exceeded, users will experience a degraded user experience with more save conflicts)
      2. Maximum number of concurrent editors per document: 99 (when exceeded, each successive user sees a "File in use" error, and can only open a read-only copy)
    5. Upload size limit:
      1. Per workspace/site collection:
        1. 25 TB
        2. 30 million files and folders
          1. Exceeding 5 000 files, you will hit a SharePoint limit called "List view threshold value". Once exceeded, you will not be able to filter or sort files unless these columns first are indexed.
          2. Exceeding 100 000 files, you will not be able to change permissions on the library or folder. If you need to change permissions you will first have to delete documents so you have less than 100 000, change permissions and then restore the documents from the recycle bin. You will however still be able to share individual documents within workspace, up to the maximum number of unique permissions in the library (the limit is 50 000, but the recommended general limit is 5 000).
      2. Per document:
        1. SharePoint: 15 GB (this will soon be increased to 100 GB).
        2. MetaShare: 250 MB
          Standard SharePoint can be used to upload very large documents
    6. Restrictions in OneDrive:
      1. Maximum number of documents you can synchronize (per user and across all synchronized workspaces/sites): 300 000 documents
    7. Restrictions in Microsoft Teams:
      1. Number of teams an Office 365 tenant can have: 500 000
      2. Number of channels per team: 200 (includes deleted channels)
      3. Number of members in a team: 5 000 (but will soon be increased to 10 000)
    8. Invalid file and folder names:
      1. Invalid characters in files and folders:
        1. " (quotation mark)
        2. * (asterisk)
        3. : (colon)
        4. < (less than Symbol)
        5. > (greater than Symbol)
        6. ? (question Mark)
        7. / (slash)
        8. \ (backslash)
        9. | (pipe)
      2. Invalid names on files and folders:
        1. .lock
        2. CON
        3. PRN
        4. AUX
        5. NUL
        6. COM0 - COM9
        7. LPT0 - LPT9
      3. Text-string that cannot appear inside file- and folder names:
        • _vti_

    For further details about the different limits in Office 365, read these pages: