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MetaShare Help - User Manual

    How to create a document

    1. Click on the "New" function in the horizontal toolbar.
    2. A document property form will be shown on MetaShare's right-hand zone, showing the document metadata fields that the MetaShare workspace is configured to use. Metadata that have a red frame around them are mandatory, others are optional. If any of the available metadata fields in the property card were filtered, prior to the document upload, these filter values will be prefilled in the corresponding metadata fields of the document property form.
    3. If a document type has been selected, prior to clicking on the "Document Template" field and if MetaShare has been configured for presenting suggested document templates, the suggested templates for the selected document type will be shown in the top of the list.

      You will however be able to select any document template in the list and if you start typing a word in the search box, you will get a list of all the applicable templates. 

    4. The "Save" button will be enabled once all mandatory columns are filled in.

    5. Click on the "Save" button.
    6. The document will be displayed in the top of the document list, as soon as it is created and its metadata will be:
      • Version: 0.1 (MetaShare's versioning setting is set to minor and major versions)
      • Modified & Created: The time of the document creation
      • Created by & Modified by: The logged in user
      • Other metadata: The selected metadata values in the document's property window.


    1. The create function (New) will only be available in the toolbar if:
      1. MetaShare is configured to manage document templates.
      2. You are a contributor in the workspace (readers will not be able to create documents).
    2. If the document that you are creating already exist in the workspace (they have identical file-names), a warning will be prompted below the document name field. If this happens, you first need to rename the document before you can save it.
    3. Documents that are created in a workspace that is configured to show document folders and a folder has been selected/filtered, the created document will be placed inside the selected folder.
    4. For more information about the controls on the form, read this page: MetaShare's supported site columns.