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MetaShare Help - User Manual

    How to create a workspace

    Workspaces can be created for different purposes and for different audiences (different permissions).

    A prerequisites for creating workspaces is that you have been assigned the role "Workspace Creator" in Azure Active Directory.

    Follow these instructions when creating a workspace:

    1. Go to MetaShare's start page.
    2. Click on the "New" function in the horizontal toolbar.
    3. A workspace creation form will be shown on MetaShare's right-hand zone, asking the user to select a workspace configuration for the workspace.

      In a typical configuration of MetaShare, when clicking on the drop-down, these configurations could be shown:

      1. If MetaShare only has one workspace configuration, the user will not be prompted to select a configuration.
      2. If you want to create a workspace, and the "Configuration" choices looks something like in the image above, with "MetaShare workspace" and "SharePoint site" configurations, choose one of the configurations under the "MetaShare workspace" grouping, else you will just be linking to an existing SharePoint site.
      3. Once a workspace had been created, you will not be able to change its configuration.
    4. Depending on which workspace configuration you select in the drop-down, different sets of metadata can be presented in the workspace creation form that now appears. Metadata that have a red frame around them are mandatory, others are optional. If any of the available metadata fields in the property card were filtered, prior to the workspace creation, these filter values will be prefilled in the corresponding metadata fields of the workspace creation form.

      The "Save" button will be enabled once all mandatory columns are filled in.

    5. Click on the "Save" button.
    6. In the notification bar, a message will be displayed that the workspace is being created.
    7. Once the workspace has been created, the person that created the workspace will receive an e-mail confirmation.
    8. Once SharePoint's search engine has found the new workspace (normally this takes about 5-15 minutes), it will be listed among the workspaces in the workspace list but only shown to the creator of the workspace, as no permissions have yet been assigned to any other users.


    1. Workspaces are normally created within an hour but, according to Office 365 support, anything between 1 and 24 hours for creating a site collection is considered normal, so have patience if it is not created within an hour.