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MetaShare Help - User Manual

    How to filter workspaces

    1. From MetaShare's start page, you see a list of all available workspaces that you have access to (assigned a role of Reader, Member or Owner).
    2. Select any of the available workspace filters, by selecting them on the left navigation area (filter zone) or by clicking on any of the document's clickable metadata values in the workspace list. You can use a combination of filters, but only one per filter.
    3. In the filter zone, the title of the workspace filter will change color (dark blue), so that it's visible which filters are being used (even if the filter is collapsed), the workspace filter's value will become bold and its whole row will change color to darker blue, so that it's very visible which value has been filtered:
    4. In the workspace list, only workspaces that match the filters will be displayed.
    5. Above the workspace list, tags with the name of the selected workspace filter-values will be shown (if more than one filter is applied, a "Clear all filters" button will also be shown, to the right of the applied filter tags). A filter icon will also be shown to the left of the applied workspace filters' columns:

    6. The URL of the page will now also contain the workspace filters so it could be bookmarked for quicker access to these specific workspaces.


    1. Workspace metadata filters can also be combined with search.
    2. MetaShare workspaces have a MetaShare icon and that SharePoint sites have a SharePoint icon .