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MetaShare Help - User Manual

    How to open a document

    Documents are always opened in read-only mode, in your preferred application but if you haven't made a preference yet, documents will by default open in the browser. The preferred application to open Office documents in, is set per user and browser session, making it possible for you to have different preferences on your laptop as opposed to your mobile device.

    How to open a document

    1. Click anywhere on the document's name:
    2. The document will open up in your preferred application:
      1. If your preferred setting is "Open in the browser", the document will be opened in a new browser tab.
        1. Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and OneNote) are opened in Office Web Apps.
        2. If the document's file type is supported for previewing, the document is opened in SharePoint's web viewer.
        3. File types that are not supported in SharePoint for previewing are downloaded so that you later can open it with any application that you have on your device.
      2. If your preferred setting is "Open in app", the document will be opened in the Desktop app that is associated with the file type. Note that you could get annoying pop-up's when you open your documents. Here you have 2 pages with hints on how to get rid of the:
        1. Google Chrome does not save preferences when opening documents
        2. Are there any recommended browser settings for MetaShare?
    3. If you want to edit an Office document, the method is:
      1. In the Desktop App - click on an "Edit Document" button displayed on the message bar on the top of the document:

      2. In the browser: click on an "Edit Document" function in the toolbar:

    4. Whenever you start editing an Office document, Office's "AutoSave" function will automatically trigger and save your work while you do your document editing. If you however edit an Office document from a Desktop App, you will have the option to disable the "AutoSave" function by toggling on the "AutoSave" control that is displayed on the top-left corner of your Office application:

      If you disable the function, it will only disable the function for the specific document. If you close and later open the same document, the setting will be remembered but if you open another document, AutoSave will be on, by default.

    How to change your preferred application

    These file types can be opened in a Desktop app:

    1. Word (docx, dotx, docm, dotm, doc, dot, odt)
    2. Excel (xlsx, xlsb, xlsm, xls, csv, ods)
    3. PowerPoint (pptx, ppsx, potx, ppsm, potm, pptm, ppt, pps, pot, odp)
    4. Visio (vsdx, vsdm, vsd, vdw)

    To get MetaShare to open these files in the Desktop app do the following:

    1. Select the document and click on the "Open in" function in the horizontal toolbar:
    2. You will now get the option to choose which application to open the document in, by clicking on any of the two button ("Open in browser" or "Open in app") and if you also mark the checkbox "Always use this option when clicking on a file's name", MetaShare will remember your preference, for the device that you are working on:

    3. If you marked the checkbox "Always use this option when clicking on a file's name", the next time you click on a document's name, it will open in your preferred application: 


    1. If you open an Office document in the browser (Office Web Apps), you later have the option to open the document in the browser or in the Desktop app. Depending on what file type you are opening the options are:
      1. to click on the "Edit Document" function in the toolbar:

        If the "Edit in Browser" option is disabled, it is because the document cannot be edited in the browser:
      2. to click on the "Open in Desktop App" in the toolbar: