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MetaShare Help - User Manual

    How to upload documents

    You can upload one or several documents to MetaShare using any of these two options:

    1. Upload the documents by clicking on the "Upload" function in the horizontal toolbar.

      A File Explorer window will now open where you can select which documents to upload. Select one or several documents and click "Open".
    2. Drag the documents from your File Explorer and drop them to a MetaShare workspace, within the blue frame as shown below:

    After uploading the documents, the following will happen:

    1. A document property form will be shown on MetaShare's right-hand zone, showing the metadata fields that MetaShare documents are configured for. Metadata that have a red frame around them are mandatory, others are optional. If any of the available metadata fields in the property card were filtered, prior to the document upload, these filter values will be pre-filled in the corresponding metadata fields of the document property form:

      When uploading several documents, the Name field will not be shown and thereby the individual documents' names will not be able to be changed during the upload (they will however keep their names):

    2. The "Save" button will be enabled once all mandatory columns are filled in:

    3. Click on the "Save" button.
    4. A file upload progress window will pop-up on MetaShare's right-hand zone, with a list of all the selected files. The progress bar will be shown in the top of this window, as well as information about progress beneath each and one of the documents in the list:

      During and after the document upload, a progress indicator will also be shown in the horizontal toolbar:

      If the progress window is closed (by clicking on the progress window's close button on its top-right corner) it can show again by clicking on the progress indicator in the horizontal toolbar.
    5. If one or several of the documents that are to be uploaded already exist in the workspace (they have identical file-names), a warning will be prompted below these documents:

      You can now cancel the upload of a specific document, by clicking on the X to the right of the document, or can add it as a new version to the existing document, by clicking on the "Add version" button.
    6. If you want to cancel an ongoing upload of documents, you need to click on the X (Cancel all), marked in yellow below, in the file upload progress window:

      Only documents that have not been uploaded yet will be cancelled.
    7. Uploaded documents will be displayed in the list while the upload is being done and their metadata will be:
      • Version: 0.1 (MetaShare's versioning setting is set to minor and major versions)
      • Modified: The time of the upload
      • Created: The time of the upload (unless it is added as a new version)
      • Created by: The logged in user (unless it is added as a new version)
      • Modified by: The logged in user
      • Other metadata: The selected metadata values in the documents' property window.


    1. The Upload function will only be available in the toolbar if you are a contributor in the workspace (readers will not be able to upload documents).
    2. You can only upload documents, not folders.
    3. You cannot upload a document, using the upload button, if the file is open for editing in another application. If that's the case upload using the drag and drop method.
    4. If you upload a document that already exist in the workspace (it has an identical file-name), and the document has been checked out to someone else, the upload will fail. If that's the case, ask the person that has checked out the document to check it in and then upload the document again.
    5. Users are able to work in MetaShare, while the upload progress window is working. Closing this window will not Cancel the upload.
    6. Documents that are uploaded to a workspace that is configured to show document folders and a folder has been selected/filtered, the documents will be placed inside the selected folder.
    7. For more information about the controls on the form, read this page: MetaShare's supported site columns.
    8. You can upload e-mails from Outlook to MetaShare following these instructions.