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MetaShare Help - User Manual

    Managing document tasks

    If you have any documents in a workspace that require some form of action, a "Tasks" icon will be shown in the workspace's top bar, with a counter indicating the number of tasks:

    If you click on the Tasks icon, you will come to a page that lists all documents with required actions to perform (the same amount of documents as shown in the counter in the Tasks icon):

    These are the types of tasks that are currently being presented on this page:

    1. Documents that have been checked out to you.
    2. You documents (documents that you last modified) that for some reason lack mandatory/required metadata.

    To the right of each task you will now be able to click on corresponding actions:

    1. Check In, when clicking on the "Check In" action-button the document will automatically be checked in, without any extra step
    2. Edit, when clicking on the "Edit" action-button you will get to the document's property form, where you will be able to fill in the missing properties, where the metadata fields with a red frame around them indicate that they are mandatory:

    To get out of the "Tasks" page, you can click on the workspace's name, in the workspace's top-bar, or if there are still active tasks, you will be able to click on the "Tasks" icon, to toggle back to the ordinary document view.