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MetaShare Online Service Description

Product Name   MetaShare
Version Online
Provider Ways Sweden AB
Languages English, Swedish
Product overview    www.metashare.com
Terms and conditions   General Terms and Conditions

Topic Last Modified: 2017-01-16

Ways MetaShare is an enhancement to SharePoint Online, a part of Office 365 that enables organizations to easily manage documents.

MetaShare features

See the MetaShare feature comparison page in order to find out which MetaShare solution best fits your organization’s needs.

What’s new

For information about new features in MetaShare Online, see the release notes section of the About MetaShare Online page, also accessible from the About link under MetaShare’s Help function.

System requirements

  1. SharePoint Online Plan 1 or SharePoint Online Plan 2, currently included in these Office 365 plans:
    1. Business (Maximum of 300 users)
      1. Office 365 Business Essentials
      2. Office 365 Business
      3. Office 365 Business Premium
    2.  Enterprise (Unlimited number of users)
      1. Office 365 Enterprise E1
      2. Office 365 Enterprise E3
      3. Office 365 Enterprise E5
      4. Office 365 Enterprise F1*
    3. Education (Unlimited number of users)
      1. Office 365 Education
    4. Government (Unlimited number of users)
      1. Office 365 Government E1
      2. Office 365 Government E3
      3. Office 365 Government E5

        *) For the F1 Licenses (Firstline Workspace/Kiosk) to be used you need to have at least one other supported license in your tenant.
  2. Web browser:
    1. Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox: Office 365 and MetaShare are designed to work with the current version of these browsers.

MetaShare Activation

A customer activates MetaShare by going to MetaShare’s activation page. In order to activate MetaShare, the logged in user needs to be a global administrator on SharePoint and on Azure Active Directory. After having completed all the required fields and clicked on the finalize button, MetaShare will be accessible after a few minutes (a confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the user, with a link to MetaShare).

MetaShare Online boundaries and limits

The limitations for the MetaShare Online service, file upload limits, list threshold values and storage limits, are based on the limitations of SharePoint Online. For details, see the SharePoint Online software boundaries and limits.
For details about MetaShare specific limitations and known issues, see MetaShare’s known issues page, also accessible from the Help link under MetaShare’s Help function.

Data storage and backup

No customer information, data or content of customer will be stored in MetaShare, apart from:

  1. MetaShare’s configuration (e.g. which filters and columns to display in the user interface)
  2. Customer information used in the MetaShare activation process (e.g. company name, invoicing information, the URL to customer’s SharePoint tenant, the administrator’s user account and e-mail address)

All customer’s documents accessible through MetaShare are stored in SharePoint Online.

Microsoft’s Data protection services are provided to prevent the loss of SharePoint Online data. All deleted content is stored in a recycle bin for 93 days. Complete backups are performed every 12 hours and retained for 14 days.

Maintenance, upgrades and updates of the Service

MetaShare Online will be updated with improvements and new features on a regular basis. Information about these updates will be communicated in advance, through e-mail, and also listed in the release notes section of the About MetaShare Online page, also accessible from the About link under MetaShare’s Help function.

MetaShare Support

Under MetaShare’s Help function users find these 2 helpful links:

  1. MetaShare’s Help page, were users will find a link to an FAQ page as well as find a user manual. Please check these pages first before submitting a question.
  2. MetaShare’s Feedback page, were users can:
    1. Report an error
    2. Ask a question
    3. Submit an enhancement request

With an active MetaShare subscription, the customer’s MetaShare administrator has the right to obtain basic MetaShare support by using one of the three forms mentioned above. Depending on the reported error’s severity, the response time will vary. Critical errors are handled as soon as possible.

Extended MetaShare Support

With an extended MetaShare support agreement, the customer’s MetaShare administrator also has the right to call MetaShare technical support team. A response is guaranteed within 8 office hours. Critical errors are managed quicker.

Pay per use MetaShare Support

If customer do not have Extended MetaShare Support and they require support, they can contact the MetaShare technical support team. They will however be charged on an hourly basis.

MetaShare and GDPR

MetaShare does not store any of its customer’s documents or information about its users. Further description on how MetaShare manages GDPR.