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Business Benefits of Compliance

Be compliant with regulations

splash-compliance.jpgMetaShare® helps you to create a consistent, clear structure, increased accessibility and information security, keep up to date with crucial and legal documents, policies etc.

MetaShare has all the features that facilitate the work of storing, posting, searching, filtering, reading, updating and deleting documents. MetaShare will make it easier to follow regulations such as GDPR or any ISO standard as well as increase information security.

Enhanced Information Security and GPDR

MetaShare will enhance the information security and GPDR by following the three cornerstones regarding information or a document:

  • Confidentiality - Information in documents and systems with confidentiality, or equivalent laws, are not made available or disclosed to unauthorized persons.
  • Accuracy - Unauthorized persons cannot alter the information, accidentally or due to malfunctions. The information should be reliable, correct and complete.
  • Availability - Information is available on a reasonable and expected basis and within reasonable time.

MetaShare provides:

  • Easier to search and filter documents from different perspectives using tags
  • Reduces the risk of duplicates, this by managing documents in versions (Document Accuracy)
  • Traceability of all changes in a document (Document Accuracy)
  • Document management functionality such as version management, user management, tagging, workflow (Document Accuracy)
  • Possibility to information categorize documents (Document Confidentiality)
  • Easier to delete and archive documents
  • Create consistent, clear structure and produces through common working methods and homogeneous structures
  • Easier to ensure confidentiality by user management, but also other features in Microsoft Office 365, such as Azure Information Protection
  • Manage permissions for access, by creating separate workspaces with individual access, keeping unauthorized eyes off any confidential information
  • Easier availability for various stakeholders, both internally and externally
  • Easier to get transparency about what's happening in the business

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