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Easy to find, easy to reuse

How structure is made automatically

With MetaShare® it’s easy to find, work and reuse documents. With a unique structure of document tags and filters, navigation and search will become fast and efficient, and empower employees working with documents.

It is:

  • easy to quickly find documents through the simplicity of filter choices through multi-dimensional structure/perspective
  • easy to tag documents through auto tagging
  • easy to create documents from a smart template management
  • easier to work and cooperate with document in different workspaces
  • easier to work with document management features

Filters help you find documents

metashare-3d-cube-2.pngMetaShare's user-friendly and filter-based navigation is a unique way to find your documents more easily, many times you don’t even have to search for documents. Documents in MetaShare use metadata, which eliminate the old way of searching through many folders.

We call it multi-dimensional navigation. It allows for several ways to intuitively find your documents, but also to efficiently navigate across all documents in the file system. Metadata become your search filters. By clicking on the different metadata you have assigned to your documents, you create filters that rapidly and automatically help you find the documents you need.

Take advantage of multi-dimensional thinking

Tag documents through auto tagging

When uploading or creating your documents the unique tagging system make sure that your documents get clearly structured right away.

Intuitive template suggestions

When creating a new document, MetaShare will provide intuitive template suggestions, such as a presentation, letters, or contracts, etc. This will make easier to ensure that you get the right template for the right purpose.

Work and cooperate in different workspaces

One feature of MetaShare is Workspace Manager. This makes it easy for you to create, manage, work and collaborate in different workspaces such as team, project or department etc.

Work with document management features

MetaShare user-friendly interface will make it easier to work with document and all the document management features that are enabled trough SharePoint, for example:

  • Version history, when working in a document, only the latest saved version will be displayed. This way, you avoid unnecessary copies and will always have access to the most recent work – though you can easily backtrack earlier versions. This makes working with shared documents more efficient and saves time. It will help eliminate frustrations and instead ensure trust in the content of the documents.
  • Co-authoring, is easy for multiple users in all documents and from any location. All changes are automatically saved to MetaShare, to support document collaboration on your terms.

Look through the feature list

Design your own structure

MetaShare is very flexible and built to fit your organization’s established document structure and vocabulary that builds you metadata. Switching to MetaShare is never hard since the users will recognize their current document structure and be able to gradually adopt all the new possibilities.

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