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How does it work?

How does MetaShare work?

MetaShare applies a homogeneous metadata structure in Office 365. It’s easy to tag documents, as they are auto-tagged, based on the user's context.

MetaShare is easily compared to any e-commerce site. When shopping on-line you will probably drill down to what you want to purchase by filtering and/or searching in the e-commerce site. This is a common behavior when shopping on-line. All e-commerce sites tag their product items with different metadata, in order to make it easier for their customers to find what they are looking for.

MetaShare works the same. For the user it's easy. MetaShare's user-friendly interface will make it easier to find, work and reuse documents and use the document management features that are enabled trough SharePoint.

  • Easy to find documents by filtering on multiple metadata filters.
  • Easy to tag documents, as they are auto-tagged, based on the users' context.
  • Easy to create documents using MetaShare's unique “suggested templates” feature, where metadata also is applied to documents when they are created.
  • Easier to work and collaborate with document in different workspaces.
  • Easier to work with SharePoint’s document management features.

Work in different workspaces

metashare-gui-workspaceIn MetaShare you can create different workspaces for different purposes, like how you set up different Teams in Microsoft Teams. Each workspace could be configured differently with metadata and document management settings based on your way of work.

Example of workspace types could be:

  • General workspace for most common documents (the previous common share on the file server).
  • Human resource workspace for employment contract etc.
  • Financial workspace where you would like to structure financial information in different periods etc.
  • Project workspaces, maybe with your won project methodology as a structure.
  • Contract workspace for keeping track for your different contracts.
  • And of course, many more.

MetaShare applies a homogeneous metadata structure and document management settings in your different workspaces. Workspaces do not need to be configured manually, since MetaShare automatically applies document settings, document filters and document views across all workspaces of a certain configuration.

You will have full control managing your document in Office 365.

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