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MetaShare in short

MetaShare increases the operational efficiency in Microsoft Office 365

Today, common challenges that you often face, in most organizations:

  • Employees spend too much time searching or recreating documents that already exist.
  • In folder structures duplicates of documents tend to exist, this increases the risk of mistakes.
  • Documents in a folder structure are often difficult to find.

A folder structure on a file server or a standard Office 365 environment, using Teams or SharePoint, has a hard time solving these challenges.

MetaShare in Office 365 helps you resolve this by:

  • man-hands-working-technologyReplacing folder structures in your Office 365 with metadata structures.
  • Automating and creating a homogeneous metadata structure with clear logic in your Office 365 tenant.
  • Assisting users to auto-tag documents.

The outcomes with MetaShare

  • You will save time and money when implementing and managing document management in Office 365.
  • It will help you when you company grows by managing crucial information.
  • You will reduce the cost of implementation compared to Office 365 / standard SharePoint.
  • You will reduce risks for your organization by gaining control over document structures and end-user permissions/access.

MetaShare it's perfect for any organization that wants to get the most out of their Office 365 investment.

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With MetaShare you will

  • pexels-photo-296886Reduce time by making it easy to find any documents in Office 365, with the help of metadata.
  • Increase the reliability of documents by eliminating document duplicates.
  • Increase the users’ efficiency, using MetaShare's smart document functions.
  • Cost per user and month - easy to increase or decrease the number of users.
  • No lock-in effects - one-month notice period.
  • The documents are not stored in MetaShare, but in Office 365/SharePoint. If uninstalling MetaShare, all documents, metadata, and document settings will maintain in Office 365/SharePoint, which is a strength considering information security.

Using MetaShare and its various document management features increases efficiency because it is:

  • Easy to find documents by filtering on multiple predefined metadata filters.
  • Easy to collaborate with your peers in workspaces that are homogeneously structured.
  • Easy to use SharePoint’s document management features.
  • Easy to tag documents, as they are auto-tagged, based on the users’ context.
  • Easy to create documents using our unique “suggested templates” feature, where metadata also is applied to documents when they are created.

Download the white paper: Document Management in Office 365

MetaShare applies homogeneous metadata structure and document management settings in Office 365. You will have full control managing your document in Office 365.

  • Workspaces do not need to be configured manually, since MetaShare homogeneously applies document settings, document filters and document views across all workspaces of a certain configuration.
  • Administrators can, with MetaShare's intuitive user-friendly configuration interface, easily configure one or more document management configurations, with minimum SharePoint infrastructure knowledge.
  • Increase information security, document-confidentiality and reassurance that you are always compliant with regulations such as GDPR and ISO standards.

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