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File migration to Office 365

Move your file server easily to Office 365 with Migration Manager for Office 365

If you want to introduce a structured document management fast within an organization, Migration Manager for Office 365 is an exceptional easy way to achieve it.

FileServer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Legacy SharePoint versions, iCloud, Box, Local Harddrive, Migration Manager for office 365, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, MetaShareMigration Manager for Office 365 is a powerful tool that imports documents and structure from virtually any source to Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint and MetaShare in Office 365. The source can be a file server, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, previous versions of Microsoft SharePoint or a local hard drive etc.

It can easily assist you in the following two ways:

  • Migrate the documents as is from your fileserver to OneDrive or SharePoint in Office 365. It preserves the folder structure as is. Imported documents maintain their file properties.
  • Use MetaShare if you want to introduce document management fast within your organization. It converts the folder name on the fileserver to metadata and automatically generate the same structure match the structure of your file server. Imported documents maintain their file properties.

Migration Manager for Office 365 is an exceptional easy way to start, and the user feels at home right from the start.

Migration Manager operates both with and without MetaShare® and is sold either separately or bundled with your MetaShare® license.

We will gladly tell you more about Migration Manager for Office 365.

Migration Manager for Office 365 imports from any source to the cloud

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