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Advantages of a user-friendly interface

MetaShare is user-friendly and simple to use

MetaShare® has a very user-friendly navigation that will save significant time and energy for users. With a unique structure of document tags and filters, navigation and search will become fast and efficient, and empower employees working with documents.

In MetaShare you may use a multidimensional structure which is very simple way to manage, share and find documents not just in one dimension but in several dimensions. This structure will also simplify users’ collaboration with each other in a team or project.

MetaShare has a responsive GUIMetaShare eliminates the frustration which often occurs when managing documents. MetaShare users will work within the familiar Microsoft Office 365 interface, which requires no new learning.

Any browser, any device

MetaShare is browser independent and easy to use on any mobile or desktop device. It can easily be set to send out alerts when documents require revision. It also collects user history associated with every document, to allow review of previous versions.

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