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SharePoint services


pexels-photo-509815.jpgWays combines being best in the field of document management with being best at document management in SharePoint.

SharePoint is the family name for a collaboration platform from Microsoft. The system allows you to in principle accomplish whatever you want concerning your organisation’s information needs – from your intranet to project sites, document management, etc.

SharePoint is a toolbox that can be adapted to a company’s needs. Many of the most used functions are standard in SharePoint and only need to be configured for your business. Other, more advanced, functions may need to be developed and tailored to your organisation’s needs.

If you have unique requirements and needs and want to resolve them with SharePoint we have a team of developers who can do this for you. We are specialists in developing functions in and configuring SharePoint. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner in Information Worker, which includes SharePoint, Exchange and SQL.

SharePoint – overview

Microsoft has divided SharePoint into five different areas:

  • Share – Work socially, share your ideas, find answers and keep track of what your colleagues are working on – thanks to the new social functions that you can access throughout the system.
  • Organize – keep track of your projects and store and synchronize your documents
  • Discover – Find contacts and skills in your own organisation. The built-in search function allows you to find what you’re looking for and recommends names and documents.
  • Build – Create programs in the cloud, publish programs in SharePoint Store, or create dynamic websites – inside or outside your organisation
  • Manage – Reduce infrastructure costs and widen sharing by running SharePoint in the cloud with Office 365

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